Connect to GCG & Simple Unix Commands




Connect to GCG & Simple Unix Commands


Using GCG

Telnet Connection

Telnet under Win 98 Environment

Connection to NHRI - GCG

% go(start GCG)? Welcome to the WISCONSIN PACKAGE ? Version 9.0-UNIX, December 1996? Installed on osf? ? Copyright 1982-1996, Genetics Computer Group, Inc. All rights reserved.?? Published research assisted by this software should cite:? Wisconsin Package Version 9.0, Genetics Computer Group (GCG), Madison, Wisc.?? Databases available: ? GenBank Release 97.0 (10/96)? EMBL (Abridged) Release 48.0 ( 9/96)? PIR-Protein Release 50.0 ( 9/96)? SWISS-PROT Release 34.0 ( 9/96)? PROSITE Release 14.0 ( 9/96)? Restriction Enzymes (REBASE) (10/96)?? Technical support: phone (608) 231-5200 or e-mail Help@GCG.Com?? Online help: % genhelp or ?%

Dial Up Service

CONNECT 14400??Annex Command Line Interpreter *Copyright (C) 1988, 1995 Xylogics, Inc.??Checking authorization, Please wait...?Annex username: yang?Annex password: ??Permission granted?? ***************************************? * Welcome *? * National YANG MING University *? ***************************************?? 1. TELNET? 2. SLIP? 3. PPP? 4. EXIT?? Please select option:3

% ---?% logout?CLI: Connection closed.?? ***************************************? * Welcome *? * National YANG MING University *? ***************************************?? 1. TELNET? 2. SLIP? 3. PPP? 4. EXIT?? Please select option:4??Resetting line and disconnecting.??NO CARRIER?

Demo 2-1

Answer to Demo 2-1

Exercise 2-1

Working with Subdirectories

Exercise 2-2

Answer to Ex. 2-1

How to get a file to work with?

Demo 2-2

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

If you don’t have an account? on that computer, how do? you login?

Demo 2-3

Answer to Demo 2-3

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Exercise 2-3

Answer to Ex. 2-3

Commands to Manage Files (I)

Exercise 2-4

Answer to Ex. 2-4

Commands to Manage Files (II)

Exercise 2-5

Answer to Ex. 2-5

Access Rights

How to change the access right?

Demo 2-4

Answer to Demo 2-4

How do you know there is an “-l” option for command “ls”?

Demo 2-5

Answer to Demo 2-5

Exercise 2-6

Answer to Ex. 2-6

指令 使用範例 說明 ?passwd (password) passwd 更換密碼 ?pwd (print working directory) pwd 查看現在所在的子目錄 ?mkdir (make directory) mkdir doc 建立子目錄doc ?cd (change directory) cd doc 變換子目錄到doc ?rmdir (remove directory) rmdir doc 刪除子目錄doc ?ls (list) ls 查看檔案目錄 ?more more ls.doc 一次展示一螢幕之檔案內容?cat (catalog) cat 展示檔案內容 ?rm (remove) rm ls.doc 刪除檔案ls.doc ?mv (move) mv ls.doc x.doc更改檔案名稱ls.doc為x.doc?cp (copy) cp 1.txt 2.txt 複製檔案1.txt 為2.txt ?chmod (change mode) chmod 744 x.doc更改檔案使用權限 ?man (manual) man ls 查閱手冊 ?> (redirecting std. output) man ls > ls.doc將前一指令的輸出導入檔案?< (redirecting std. input) sort < 1.txt 將後一物件導為前一指令的? 輸入 ? | (piping) history | more 將前一指令的輸出導入另一? 指令,成為其輸入

Background Jobs

Commands to Manage Background Jobs

The Advantage of Windows Environment

Demo 2-6

Answer to Demo 2-6

Demo 2-7

Answer to Demo 2-7

Commands Related to Execute or Stop A Program

The “vi” Editor

Setup for vi editor

vi 的使用

Demo 2-8

.login & .cshrc

Answer to Demo 2-8

Exercise 2-7

Answer to Exercise 2-7

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