GCG Graphics & X-windows




GCG Graphics & X-windows

GCG Graphics

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Graphic Display

Display vs Print

Suggestions for Displaying GCG Graphics on Screen

Demo 2-9

Answer to Demo 2-9

Installation of X-win32 Demo Version

Installation of X-win32 (Demo Version)

Setup Xwin32

Connect to VGHgcg

An X-windows Will Be Opened Automatically

Set Up Graphic Display in Another X-windows

X-windows for Graphics

Printing Graphics

Pass-through Graphics

Demo 2-10

Answer to Demo 2-10

Print from A File

Demo 2-11

Answer to Demo 2-11

Switch Graphic Mode (I): Using Commands

Demo 2-12 / Exercise 2-8

Answer to Demo 2-12 / Ex. 2-8

Another Way to Setup Graphic Environment: Using SetPlot

Create A New Item

A New Item Was Created But Not Selected


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