Workshop (IV): Sites

Based on Fickettes's framework, the existence of patterns such as TATA box may indicate functional sites. If a functional site appear at a right place, it will make your assignment more significant. Now you have learned how to predict the promoters and termination sites. Please re-examine your assignment to see whether they are consistent with the functional sites.


  1. Please predict the promoters in your sequence (please refer to related material of chap 6).
  2. Please predict the termination sites in your sequence (a sample output is in test.trm and testrev.trm).
  3. Get your results back to PC and save it under local_dir
  4. Run macro ? in POST to re-organize your data. They will be stored in sheets "Promoter", "Terminator", and "Signal", respectively.
  5. Try to plot the sites on the "GeneMark" figure (generated in Workshop (II)) and exmine whether it make sense.
  6. Make your comments in sheet "ORF_file" of "POST on the related orf's.
  7. Send POST to FTP to